Friday, August 29, 2008

Photo Ketschup

Visuals to the previous posts:

Photos to go with the first post - crayon making and water bottle playing:

The boxes from the crayons amused me to no end - they were so old!

The crayons were so old that the wrappers were embedded into most of the crayons and had to be cut off!

Decided to do shades of the colors instead of doing multi-colored crayons.

Meanwhile, Mads continued the water experiments.

He moved onto using a cup to plug the sink, then filling another cup with utensils to make a sail boat.

Eventually, he moved onto striping down nakked and watching Clifford.

Crayons, all formed and cooled. The one above the brown is actually magenta/plum/purple.

Library Day:

Tired after our trips to the library and the post. It was 80-some-odd degrees out, but he insisted on wearing a thick fleece vest that day. (o_O)?

His card and his first picks!

And lastly, the only current photo of me, that's completely unedited, that I honestly can say I like:

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