Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My week-to-be

All I want for Christmas is a full night of sleep and to be healthy. The coughing fits and the headaches that they cause are really not my cup of tea. (Yes, I know - in the grand scheme of things, coughing fits and nights spent waking up in coughing fits are really NOT that huge of a deal - but in my world, they suck big time.)

We have hung the stockings and a few garlands. Tomorrow, my Dad will be bringing over their 7ft fakalicious tree for us to use this year. I have no idea how it will fit in the living room, but where there's a will, there's a way. The focal point of our decorating is the tree, and I'm looking forward to decorating a big tree with Mads. It will be the first "big" tree that our little family has ever had - all the other years, we've used a small table top tree. I'm a little sad to not use our little tree this year, in a nostalgic way.

Thursday is the Holiday Party for Mad's school. Am I a Grinch for not looking forward to it? We are such black sheep at these events - all of the other parents know each other and see each other often. We've tried to break into the circles, and no such luck. Bah. I will still try to make cupcakes and hope for the best. (note to self: look up recipe for holiday cupcakes)

I'm hoping Kei will take all or part of Friday off work. I need the help with listing things for sale on Etsy and Craigs. We need the money ASAP and I want the stuff out of the garage ASAP. It's the starting point to getting the garage turned into the studio and I can not seem to find the time to get it done! I figure that if we have the time to work on it together, then it will get done faster than if I worked on it solo. At least, that's what I'm hoping ;-) Also, Friday I am going to work a craft fair with Leigh, and hope that our stuff sells! Granted, the majority of work and money spent on materials has been hers, so I doubt I'll make anything from this. But it is good experience I figure, plus I get the grown-up time. After all the chaos and yucky feeling these past weeks, I want the grown-up time! Hopefully, I'll be feeling well enough for her and I to go out to dinner afterwards too.

Working this weekend - though I hope to go out with a friend either Sunday evening or sometime on Monday. Which reminds me - I really should get back to cleaning and knitting scarves for the monkeys!

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