Saturday, June 6, 2009

Slice of life

No "catching up post". Just a slice of what is.

I'm home from work - had a day shift instead of a night shift so I feel tired, but very awake. It probably doesn't make much sense, but my head and body are used to being exhausted after work....but they aren't so tired and I feel a little off time-wise.


I was hoping to catch the Mad Dog before he fell asleep, but he dozed off right before I go home. I'm going to go snuggle with him a little, get in lots of kisses and love yous. He's still very snuggly when sleepy and his sleepy voice melts my heart. I don't plan to wake him up - just love on him a little.

After that I have so much to do! Boyfriend K has a double-header tomorrow so I'm going to sleep over at his place so I can go to the morning game with him. (I might go to both games, but not sure yet, that will depend on how Mads is doing, how tired I am, etc.) Before I go over though, I need to shower, get my clothes for tomorrow, make lunch for tomorrow, cook some chicken for tonight and tomorrow's lunch, get my personal items together, and THEN head over. Whew!

I was rethinking going over for the past few days, but yesterday K told me his Godmother passed away and the funeral was today. When I saw him at work, it was obvious that it was weighing on him. It's awful to see a loved one hurting and not be able to hold them and comfort them. Plus, work was very hectic, lots of the higher-ups were there and everyone was on raw-nerves. How could I not go over after all that?

This is a really lame post. I want to post here for often, put up photos, put down the funny things Mads says, and detail our adventures. I hope I can carve out the time to post regularly soon.

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