Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cast of Characters

This is to get it off my profile. A cheat sheet to the people I mention the most!

Mads - my 5 year old whirlwind, full of emotions & giggles, holds a deep love for garbage trucks. He's my superhero, my gardening buddy, snuggle monster & Goblin King. I adore him & love being his "Mumma".

Kei - Mad's father, my truest true-blue friend & co-parenting partner in crime. He really is a certified geek. We got married in 2003, but are now separated (though we still live together in the house we bought 2 years ago). It's rough seas at times, but we're dedicated to keeping this ship sailing.

Mum & Dad - my parents. In all their eclectic glory. They hold the best casual parties & love their family with an intensity. They are amazing people but still drive me crazy at times (^_^)

Phil - my boyfriend. An amazing man, whose heart found mine when I was not looking to fall for anyone. He encourages me to be a better self, loves me & Mads without conditions, and has a fondness for video games & magic tricks.

Mr. Ken & Suki - the resident felines. Our home would not be complete without them.