Monday, October 20, 2008


So, here is the post where I lament about not having enough money. I'll complain that we have too many bills and can't get ahead on the almost-maxed-out-again credit cards we worked so hard to pay down. Lots of grumping and feelings of insecurity about my parenting capabilities due to not being able to send Mads to a Montessori school, pay the cost to take him to the zoo/museum/Jelly Belly Factory/on trips out of town, or work less hours and be home with him.

I'll ignore the fact that barely scraping by is still scraping by. I'll lose focus that we may not have much food, but we have family that cooks for us or gives us boxes of food for free. I'll forget that it's not what you buy for your kid, but what you do with them. Or maybe I will remember that, but still feel less than other parents who can provide those types of things to their kids.

So, there you go. Real blog soon.

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