Friday, October 3, 2008


We were majorly productive today. I woke up, had a good online conversation with a friend, made a scrambled eggs with ham omelette-y thing for Mads, and then watched a couple episodes of Arthur with him. Then, we played out front for a bit, walked to the park, fed ducks and played on the swings for an hour, then walked home. Mads had a tummy-ache when we got home, so he watched another episode of Arthur while drinking some tummy comfort tea. I made lunch/dinner. After eating, we went out back and put stuff away to prepare for the rain, he made himself into a mud monster while I talked on the phone with a friend, and then when Kei got home he cleaned up Mads and now they are at Walmart getting a tarp (to cover the VW Bus when it rains - the side door and roof leaks). Once they get back, we're going out to play Monster Mini Golf, then it will be home for bed.


I actually want to put more little details in on this and have it flow better - but I'm short on time. Hopefully I'll be able to later :-)

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