Saturday, September 20, 2008

Our House in the Middle

Since we will have been homeowners for as year (!!!) as of Oct. 25th, we've decided we should throw ourselves a belated housewarming/Day of the Dead-themed party.

To be honest, my thoughts on the theme came from this photo I found online while trying to get face makeup idea for our Halloween costumes:

That chicka's face makeup is bad-ass!

Of course, having people over to celebrate the cold air and general "We made is a year without going broke!" (semi-true....) happiness means.....there will be people in our house. Like, real people. People who I will be facing at work, people who go to school with Mads and we want to make a good impression on. People we've known for years and people we've known for months.

Besides the social anxiety I can feel coming on - my house is sooooo not party ready!

Kei took Friday off work and we attempted to clean the office. "Attempted" because the main problem with that room is that we need a few more black shelves, another book case, and a filing cabinet that doesn't resemble the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Also, Mr. "I'm-an-only-child-and-my-parents-are-home-together-for-a-change-look-at-me!!!" Mads was intent on asking me a question every 3 seconds and wanted all of the big books off of the bookcase. We tried to pacify him with crayons and maze books, but that lasted all of 20 mins. (Which was pretty good for him, actually). We didn't get as much done as I hoped for, lunch was delayed, tempers ran amok, and the day pretty much nose-dived into the concrete.

But, I'm trying to keep a Positive Mental Attitude about it. The office is in process now, and lots was done that would have been hard to do by myself. The whole house needs some work, every room has things that make me cringe a little. I have a month and a half to get this place really ready. I don't expect perfection, but between work, personal time with family and friends, and sleep, I'm pretty confident that I can wing this.

Heck, I might even post before and after pictures :-)

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